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From Selling Guitars to Creating Musicians with Ethan Kaplan

In this episode of Binge-a-ble, Ethan Kaplan, Chief Digital Officer at Fender, shares how Fender Play hit 1M+ trial users amidst the COVID-19 pandemic - and why R.E.M. is the greatest rock band of all time!

Tune in to follow the conversational riffs from using digital offerings to elevate traditional products to converting free trial users to paying customers.

Learn how Fender rocks at nurturing users throughout the customer lifecycle. And forget experimental jazz…pricing experimentation is where it’s at!

Ethan also turns the amp up to 11 on data – and how using data is key to knowing and serving your customers.

Watch now to hear how Fender continues to build a community of musicians, loyal to the brand – and to geek out on Ethan’s encyclopedic knowledge of R.E.M. It’s Binge-a-ble! Turn it up!

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