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Subscribed Institute Talks: Shifting Your Sales Org to Match Your Subscription Model

With Ernst & Young

Shifting Your Sales Organization to Match Your Subscription Model

Presented By The Subscribed Institute and Ernst & Young

At the Subscribed Institute, we recognize that many companies are committed to shifting to subscription business models. We know that most of you know why you need to adapt to subscription operating models, but you may not know how to do it?

To dive deeper into the how, we are interviewing Ernst & Young executives on a range of topics such as the increase in consumption models, the importance of customer experience, how to redesign your pricing and packaging, and lots more.

In this episode hosted by Amy Konary, Chair of the Subscribed Institute, Dave Padmos, Americas Industry Leader, Technology, Media & Entertainment and Telecommunication, EY and Chris Hergesell, Sales Consulting Leader, Customer Practice, EY, we dig deep into the ongoing shift to consumption-based business models and what that means for functions within the sales org.

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