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Value-Based Pricing with Mark Stiving, Ph.D.

In this episode of Growing Gain$, Chief Pricing Educator, Ph.D, Mark Stiving joins Global VP, Subscribed Strategy Group at Zuora, Amy Konary, and host Natalie Louie, Director of Product Marketing at Zuora, to dig into the challenging topic of subscription pricing.

Tune in to learn how to nail your pricing strategy including the biggest pricing pain for subscription companies, the art of value-based pricing, why pricing by users is NOT the best or only option, the importance of evolving your pricing strategy over time, and more.

Plus enjoy a segment of “The Price Is…What?” exploring Porsche’s new subscription offering and a rousing game of “SaaS Alphabet Soup” in which our guests coin a new SaaS Growth metric (watch to the end to find out why CNG might one day be as important as MRR!).

Whether you’re a new startup, trying to book that first dollar in revenue, a company that’s found product/market fit with a goal of growing revenue to $100 million, a post-IPO unicorn scaling towards a billion in revenue, or an enterprise in full-on acquisition mode growing to tens of billions of dollars in revenue — Growing Gain$ is your go to source for SaaS education and entertainment.

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