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Get In the Game: Sports and Digital Transformation with Honeywell

Get In the Game! Sports and Digital Transformation with Honeywell

In this episode of Let’s Get Digital, a show dedicated to the multi-trillion dollar shift of manufacturing companies to recurring revenue models, Usman Shuja, Chief Commercial Officer at Honeywell (and former USA cricket player!), sits down with host Tony Volk, Enterprise Account Executive at Zuora, to discuss the parallels between sports and digital transformation. 

Watch now to see how top athletes, winning sports teams, and leading manufacturers on the cutting edge of IoT innovation are pros at adapting with the right fundamentals, failing fast but learning faster, continuous improvement, and finding and following north star goals. 

Whether you’re trying to book your first dollar in connected services revenue, have already launched a successful recurring revenue stream on top of a fleet of devices, or are just a huge cricket fan, we hope you’ll enjoy Let’s Get Digital!

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