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The Think Tank for the Subscription Economy

The Subscribed Institute is a dedicated think tank focused on the challenges and opportunities of the Subscription Economy. With more than a 1000 executives from over 500 subscription companies, the institute serves as a unique source of ideas, data, and connections for business leaders around the world.

Access to unique data and insights

The Subscribed Institute generates original qualitative and quantitative research in collaboration with academics, industry leaders, and independent consultants. This includes practical frameworks and industry benchmarks that guide business leaders to subscription success.

Our recent research collaborations bring together data from the Subscribed Institute with the thought leadership and expertise of firms such as the Boston Consulting Group and institutions such as INSEAD.

Members receive early access to the research as well as opportunities to actively collaborate and be a part of the process.

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Exclusive thought-provoking events

The institute brings together industry leaders and experts to provide members opportunities to collaborate and learn from the larger subscription community. We understand the value of open dialog and design our events to help members gain access to new innovative ideas, proven strategies, and actional data in a community setting.

Members gain access to exclusive and private events, global executive summits, working groups, executive dinners, and private company onsites.



As industry after industry realizes that the Subscription Economy is the future of business, traditional companies are undergoing massive business transformations with new business models while native subscription companies are doubling down on creative strategies to grow in competitive markets.

As an executive leading your organization on this journey, you need to reimagine how you do business and commit to a next-generation operating model, transform value chains and company culture—all at the same time in order to drive growth.

We know this isn’t easy. Which is why we launched the Subscribed Institute. Become a member to gain access to unique data and insights, learn from the best industry leaders, and to share your own experiences and learnings with the larger Subscription Economy community.


The Subscribed Institute is comprised of 1000+ executive members from 500+ subscription companies around the world
The Subscribed Institute gives senior executives a forum to ask the big, hard questions in a room with experts and peers. My team is in the trenches…and I want to be out ahead of them thinking about what will come next.Jenny Connelly, SVP Product at PMC
A forum for executives to share best practices and learn from each other so we can provide value to the organizationAdelina Pepenella, CFO at New York Magazine



Amy KonaryChairperson
Michael MansardPrincipal Director & EMEA Chair
Stamos KanellakisSenior Strategist
Maria JohansenSenior Strategist
Nick CherrierSenior Strategist
David WarrenPrincipal Director
Jodi KrawittSenior Strategist
Gaurav SonparStrategist
Shane RyanAssociate Strategist
Michelle MarshallSr. Program Manager
Alicia TostmannAnalyst

The Subscribed Strategy Group

As the institute’s advisory arm, the Subscribed Strategy Group works directly with companies to help them apply the learnings and best practices gleaned from our work with over a thousand subscription companies around the world.

The group collaborates one-on-one with executives to chart a strategic and customized path towards subscription revenue growth by identifying and removing business obstacles, building internal alignment, and establishing routes to success.

Contact us at [email protected]

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