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Subscribed Institute Benchmark: B2B Subscription Pricing

Research by the Subscribed Institute in collaboration with McKinsey & Company

Three critical elements that impact revenue growth

Healthy, predictable growth is the holy grail of a subscription company. And for Business-to-Business (B2B) subscription companies, customer success is a key growth driver. Subscription companies aren’t selling a product or service–they are selling a customer outcome.

To help the customer achieve this outcome, subscription companies must remove friction from the acquisition process and ensure that the customer sees value from the product or service as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. Because a subscription business is a relationship business, customers also expect more choice and flexibility to evolve the relationship as they see fit, either in a positive way (more services, more contracts) or in a less-than-great way—by hitting pause on or ending the relationship.

To dig deeper into subscription growth levers, the Subscribed Institute collaborated with McKinsey & Company to analyze our Subscription Economy Benchmark data and develop guidance to help subscription companies achieve more growth. Our research shows three core pricing elements common to the fastest growing B2B subscription companies.

Get this report at the link above for data and key findings that illustrate:

  • How flexible pricing strategies that align price and value can impact revenue growth
  • The impact of flat fee and per-unit pricing on revenue growth
  • How a usage component in your pricing can impact revenue growth.
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