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Subscription Business Maturity Model

Amy Konary

Research by the Subscribed Institute

Best practices for developing and executing strategic digital transformation

Companies in every sector and across the globe are racing to recalibrate their businesses and capitalize on the growth potential of the Subscription Economy.

Given the enormity of the changes, the breadth of disruption, and the inertia that locks existing business practices in place, CXO leadership is a critical success component of any subscription transformation. It’s likely that everyone in the company will need to change the way that they do what they do every day—sometimes a little, and often a lot. 

To inspire that kind of change, you need a “North Star” vision for your business, and you need change leadership. Most importantly, it is the job of the CXO to develop and articulate the vision—and prioritize this for the company.

A roadmap for success

As executives leading subscription business model transformations, you may feel like the sand is shifting under your feet. You know that you can’t use the existing playbook—but you need a framework that helps you understand and prioritize the work that needs to be done. The Subscription Maturity Model will give leaders this roadmap for success.

To develop this model, we combined more than 1,000 company years of best practice data along with decades of personal expertise on subscription business transformation across hundreds of companies in software, technology, media, telecommunications, and IoT. In addition, this model was informed by focused discussions with over 250 subscription economy executives representing more than 100 companies.

With over 300 success criteria across subscription strategy, process, systems, and culture, the Subscription Maturity Model offers a framework for the journey from launch (with its focus solely on customer acquisition) to an optimized organization (focused on maximizing customer lifetime value).

If you are a business model transformation leader seeking to mobilize your organization to capture the growth opportunities of the Subscription Economy, this research is for you.

Get this report to understand:
  • The five stages of subscription business maturity
  • The four success dimensions: Strategy, Culture, Process, and Systems
  • Recommended actions for advancing your subscription business maturity — through and post-launch
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