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Best Practices in Business To Government Pricing Strategies

Chapter excerpt from "B2G Pricing: Best Practices in Business-to-Government Pricing Strategies"

Utilizing the right pricing models can be a complex and tricky part of running your B2G business, especially while navigating local, state, and federal government entities. Competition in the B2G world is fierce, and companies with subscription and flexible pricing models are taking over. Government entities are getting more involved in the subscription space, from enabling digitized processes to partnering with industrial players.

Authored by Michael Mansard, EMEA Chair of the Subscribed Institute in collaboration with Stephan Liozu, Chief Value Officer of Thales, this landmark report, we examine data and key findings relating to:

  • The movement towards innovative subscription and usage-based pricing models tailored to requirements of public sector
  • Why governments around the globe are no longer able to shy away from cloud, tech, and SaaS solutions and must embrace subscription models
  • How forming relationships with the B2G world can strengthen platforms for future growth

About the book: Liozu’s recently published “B2G Pricing: Best Practices in Business-to-Government Pricing Strategies” focuses on the topic of business-to-government (B2G) pricing and, more specifically, on best practices for pricing differentiated, high-value, and complex offers to government procurement entities. In 22 chapters organized in four sections-pricing, value-based pricing, price-to-win, and innovation in pricing-the book combines Dr. Liozu’s experience in the area of B2B pricing with his many years of experience in the B2G pricing world. Buy your copy here.

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