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A New Formula For Growth: The Financial Services Industry and the Subscription Economy

Michael Mansard
Principal Director of Subscription Strategy at Zuora & EMEA Chair of the Subscribed Institute , Subscribed Institute

Whitepaper by the Subscribed Institute in collaboration with INSEAD

Over the past decade, the financial services industry has seen tremendous change. We have witnessed an overall decreasing growth rate, accelerating churn, and a competitive landscape — a perfect recipe for a deep industry transformation that will accelerate even more in the years to come. The industry requires more future-forward strategies that would not just help it dodge a bullet, but also usher in a new era of growth.

This groundbreaking whitepaper by Michael Mansard, Principal Director of Subscription Strategy at Zuora and EMEA Chair of the Subscribed Institute, with contributions from Wolfgang Ulaga, Senior Affiliate Professor at INSEAD explains how the Subscription Economy can reignite growth in the financial services industry. No matter which segment you’re in — retail banking, securities services, non-life insurance — this whitepaper will help you understand how the financial services industry can survive — and thrive — in a time of transformation.

Highlights include:

  • Subscription Economy Opportunities and Challenges
  • Four distinct plays to transform your portfolio
  • Operational changes including department-specific guidance
  • More than two dozen case studies
  • And lots more!
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