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2021 Media Industry Report

Research by the Subscribed Institute

Benchmarks for Digital Transformation, Engagement, Conversion, and Retention

Media has long been a pioneer within the Subscription Economy. As the industry has evolved to become more digitized, the subscription model has maintained prominence and offered new growth opportunities — especially in the face of dramatic drops in advertising revenues.

The question today is: with the old advertising-based business model proving to be unreliable and unsustainable, how can media industry leaders reimagine the industry? In this report, we dive into what the most successful media companies — like the NYT, Netflix, Disney +, and more — are doing to solve for industry-wide challenges and stay ahead of the pack.

The 2021 Media Industry Report includes data and key findings related to:

  • The “9 Keys” for media success including subscription management, rating and billing, revenue recognition, and analytics and reporting
  • The “sweet spot” for pricing and packaging experimentation
  • Optimizing for payments to reduce churn


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