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Here are the types of content we're into:

News: Tell us something cool that’s happening. We love telling stories about the who, what, where and how of the Subscription Economy.

Opinion: We want to deliver the best editorial on all things subscription—whether that’s profiling the minds behind the latest subscription service, deep-diving into a business model shift, explaining the psyche of the modern consumer, or surfacing opinions from business leaders, innovators, investors and the like.

Strategy/Educational: Help enlighten our readers with industry research, analysis, how-to’s, and business model best practices.

Here are some suggested guidelines:

For the writers:

– Written content may be short-form (~500-800 words) or long-form (~800-2000)
– Please write in clear language, no jargon
– Any reporting should be based on concrete data, cited, and fact-checked
– Please submit a short proposal that includes: a headline, a topic outline (50-100 words), type of content, and article length to [email protected]

For the non-writers:

– Have an idea for a video, a podcast episode, even a photo essay? Send those our way too! We love to collaborate.


  • The Subscribed audience is composed of business leaders and subscription model fans across industries — from media to manufacturing to SaaS — who want to read about the strategies and business models helping to grow recurring revenue, and the people, companies and brands who are changing the way we think about business.

  • Yep. While we prefer content that is unique and exclusive to, we will accept previously published content and your submission may be published on another publication or promoted on your personal blog after it runs on Approved content does not imply any binding contract of commitment to us, we promise.

  • Please wait at least 48 hours for a response to your proposal. (Exceptions will be made for more timely news content.)

  • Approved content will be published online at and widely promoted via @Subscribed on Twitter and our weekly email newsletter. There will be no print material published.

Have a question, comment, or just want to nerd out on subscriptions with us? Say hello!

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