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Over the past decade we’ve seen an explosion of new subscription based business models — think Netflix, Amazon Prime, Uber, Spotify, Salesforce, Okta, Box. Subscribed aims to keep the world informed and inspired about this new era of business, which we call the Subscription Economy™. We are profiling the brightest minds and latest research behind successful subscription models across a range of industries: media, software, transportation, manufacturing, hardware, education.

Here you’ll find sharp, lively writing cuts through the clutter, as well as an array of video and podcast content, executive interviews, benchmarks, and strategy guides. You’ll also learn how to turn customers into subscribers, and create mutually beneficial relationships for everyone concerned. Welcome to a new era of happy business. Welcome to Subscribed.

Subscribed is presented by Zuora.

Zuora (NYSE:ZUO) provides cloud-based software on a subscription model that enables any company in every industry to successfully launch, manage, and transform into a subscription business. Zuora’s vision is simple: “The World Subscribed.” It’s the idea that one day every company will be a part of the Subscription Economy, and Zuora’s mission is to enable all companies to be successful in making the shift from selling products to offering services.

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