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Imagine buying a new cell phone on the condition that you can’t upgrade any of its apps. Also, you’re not allowed to buy any new ones, ever. That’s right -- your apps must remain frozen in perpetuity! That would seem like an odd proposition.

Compounding growth of customer relationships is what makes subscription revenue models so powerful. Revenue flows linearly from marketing to sales and finance in a traditional business model. However, subscription businesses have cyclical income. Here are five reasons why nearly all businesses should be using subscription models to grow their recurring revenue.

General Motors is poised to capitalize on its transition to electric vehicles through the sale of value-added software that will enable autonomous driving capabilities, according to a Monday note from Wedbush. That should help drive General Motors' stock price to record highs, with Wedbush backing its "outperform" rating and an $85 price target, representing potential upside of 46% from Monday's close

Airbnb is shifting from a transactional travel business to an ongoing lifestyle service. It's not about booking discrete stays anymore; it's about providing compelling environments for people to live, work and play.

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