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Goodbye, Ownership. Hello, Usership.

It’s the time of the year for planning: for the rest of the quarter, and the fiscal year. This week, however, I thought I’d concentrate on 2030. I also decided to focus on population and demography statistics, because at the end of the day, subscriptions are about people. And if you want to build a durable business, you should probably know where your subscribers will be coming from over the next decade.

Nick Cherrier, Senior Strategist, Zuora's Subscribed Strategy Group recaps his experience at CES 2022.

In collaboration with Luminar Technologies, Volvo announced an autonomous driving system called Ride Pilot on Wednesday at the Consumer Electronics Show. Volvo customers in California will have access to Ride Pilot as a subscription service at some point after 2022.

To help B2C companies capture the upside of the Subscription Economy, we collaborated with McKinsey & Company to analyze 150 B2C subscription companies to better understand what drives growth.

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