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Goodbye, Ownership. Hello, Usership.

This week we’re talking with Aimée Lapic, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer of GoPro. Formerly at Banana Republic and Pandora, Aimée now leads the direct-to-consumer growth initiatives at GoPro, a key focus of their overall strategy.

When one of the world’s largest banks, UBS, issues a major report declaring the Subscription Economy is on track to be one of the fastest growing industries by 2025, we definitely take notice. (And so should you.)

From smart bundles to promotions to payment retries, see what proven practices leading digital publishers — like The Financial Times, The Economist, and Rolling Stone magazine — are using to diversify ad revenue and maximize subscription revenue.

F5’s journey from hardware to software licensing to SaaS included a brief foray into “fake SaaS,” a transitional phase on the journey to usership — but ultimately provides an excellent use case for how to make the shift from a perpetually licensed product to subscriptions.

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