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Subscribed brings top minds together to move the world of subscription business forward.

Goodbye, Ownership. Hello, Usership.

Today everyone is their own studio. Power has become decentralized. If you work hard and connect with enough people to build a stable platform of recurring revenue, then you don’t have a sword hanging over your head.

Why usage-based pricing? Subscription companies are turning to usage-based pricing because it works, but how can companies best design and implement usage-based pricing to increase customer value perception and grow revenue?

A Subscribed exclusive on Andre Iguodala—One of the NBA’s most prolific and successful investors, Iguodala is extremely passionate about tech and as savvy in business, as he is in basketball.

New Subscribed Institute research in collaboration with McKinsey & Company identifies the key Quote-to-Cash process design elements of successful B2B enterprise companies.

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Subscribed Institute: the Think Tank for the Subscription Economy

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