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Recent news of Amazon’s $3.9B acquisition of OneMedical immediately brings forth the possibility of primary health care becoming “Primeary” health care. Before Amazon’s buy-out, OneMedical already had 767K subscribers and subscription tiers (starting at $199/yearly for individuals) for its health services. Amazon’s resources could help make that next big, nationwide step.

Across the Subscribed community, there’s one topic everyone’s talking about: what should Netflix do?

Just last week, news leaked from South Korea that BMW would start charging for heated seats, but the Bavarian automotive manufacturer never expected the response to be so sour. This rocky start with introducing subscriptions to fans of the “ultimate driving machine” was met with disagreement from a united front of publications, consumers, and car enthusiasts alike.

Summer mode: activated. It’s a time where there is an increased focus on fashion and what you wear. There have been many doubting the reign of the subscription fashion industry, considering the steady decline of subscription boxes. Normally, we tend to associate subscription fashion with monthly boxes, but that thinking is archaic. It’s never been about the boxes! It’s actually about filling a deeper customer connection paired with the experience of improving your wardrobe.

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