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Goodbye, Ownership. Hello, Usership.

There’s a very important structural reason for why cloud service companies prioritize efficiency and sustainability: because the manufacturers own the assets, not the consumer. When companies turn from product vendors into service providers, all sorts of innovation starts happening with regards to efficiency and waste.

Show host and Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo talks to Aimée Lapic, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at GoPro and Sanjay Poonen, Chief Operating Officer of VMware, about their experiences launching new subscription programs in both the retail and enterprise space.

Marco Bertini, professor of marketing at Esade and a visiting professor at the Harvard Business School, is rewriting the rules of commerce. Instead of selling the “means” (products and services), he believes companies should adopt innovative revenue models to pursue the “ends” (actual outcomes). The key: reflect the value that customers actually derive from their purchases.

How did Haier Group transition from an appliance manufacturer to a world-leading provider of solutions centered around the user experience? The short answer is “usership.”

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