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The disastrous state of the current global supply chain has Tien Tzuo increasingly convinced that we are on the verge of a newly invigorated manufacturing industry that could see double digit growth for decades to come...

Internal Netflix documents seen by Bloomberg said the show generated $891 million in "impact value." That's the metric that Netflix, which operates a subscription model, uses to gauge the financial importance of shows. It suggests "Squid Game" will suck in a large number of subscribers.

The service could be a game changer for many customers worried about low inventory amid ongoing global supply chain issues. Walmart believes the exclusive access is destined to drive memberships up. Similarly, Best Buy is emphasizing its subscription service, Totaltech, by offering hard-to-find products during the holiday.

Give credit where credit is due: Tesla has redefined the way cars are bought, sold and managed. By selling directly to consumers and constantly improving their vehicles with digital updates, Tesla has helped turn automobiles into cell phones on wheels. But Telsa is about to get company.

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