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Subscribed brings top minds together to move the world of subscription business forward.

Goodbye, Ownership. Hello, Usership.

They recognize that drivers are looking for access, not ownership.

Simon-Kucher & Partners has worked on hundreds of projects helping companies determine their subscription pricing models. The first step in identifying the right price metric is to understand the possibilities – what metrics align with customer value?

A Subscribed exclusive with Andreas Sjöharald, Chief Commercial Officer at Synsam, the Nordic's leading optical brand. An early pioneer in the Subscription Economy, Sjöharald shares his learnings from building and growing "Synsam Lifestyle™," a successful eyewear subscription service that he launched in 2016.

2020 has shown businesses large and small that the world is rapidly changing and that the speed at which they are able to adapt — making drastic pivots in their products, services, and business models — is the most important competency they can build.

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Subscribed Institute: the Think Tank for the Subscription Economy

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