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This week Tien Tzuo talks with Colin Angle, the CEO of iRobot, makers of the hugely popular home vacuum cleaner Roomba, as well as a number of other autonomous devices. Prior to co-founding iRobot in 1990, Colin worked at the National Aeronautical and Space Administration’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory where he participated in the design of the behavior-controlled rovers that led to Sojourner exploring Mars in 1997.

Amazon has officially entered the healthcare space with Amazon Care. Healthcare manufacturers know they need to respond by creating products and services that are as digitally savvy as the devices consumers carry in their pockets. But how do you accomplish this in an extremely competitive market? GE Healthcare is providing some answers.

New data shared by research firm Parks Associates shows Americans are increasingly willing to stack subscription services like Netflix, Disney+ and even live TV streaming services like YouTube TV. This is a dramatic shift from where the streaming landscape was even just a few years ago.

Amy Konary, Global VP of Zuora’s Subscribed Strategy Group, Sara Carlson, Partner at IBM, and Axel Heyenga, Industry Strategy Director at Adobe share how automotive companies can establish new business models that enable direct relationships with customers.

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