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Goodbye, Ownership. Hello, Usership.

When you first launch a subscription service, you usually start with the simplest viable process: a straightforward offer, a simple catalog, and some no-brainer pricing and packaging. This lets you get out of the gate quickly and start racking up wins. But success breeds complexity, and lots of businesses struggle to keep up with their Quote-to-Cash demands as their business grows.

Xbox Game Pass is often touted as one of the best deals in gaming. And if you own an Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One or a gaming PC, the subscription service that lets you download and fully play its library of games is almost too good to pass up. But that wasn't always the case.

The need for banks to provide APIs so people can make online purchases more easily may have been hard to envision just a few years ago. But the pandemic has forced more people to go online for more of their products.

It’s safe to say that when Google started concentrating on energy efficiency in its data centers, they weren’t thinking about the environment. They were thinking about money. They wanted to lower their electricity bills. Which brings us to our main point -- efficiency happens when manufacturers own their own assets.

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