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Subscribed brings top minds together to move the world of subscription business forward.

Goodbye, Ownership. Hello, Usership.

How much of your subscription revenue should be coming from usage-based pricing? Half? None? All of it? Is there even an answer to this question? As it turns out, there is!

CNN will launch its first standalone direct-to-consumer streaming service in the first quarter of 2022, giving consumers its live video content without a pay-TV subscription.

It has never been more important to sell subscriptions online - and do it well. Long before COVID-19 hit, shutting physical stores and ushering in a world of remote work, it had become the customer expectation. Why go in shops or talk to someone on the phone to subscribe when I can start my free trial on Netflix in three clicks?

Amy Konary, Chair of the Subscribed Institute, argues that if the fashion industry doesn’t want to be left behind, it needs to reduce its carbon footprint with new business and operational models that allow it to nurture long-term customer relationships and build sustainable growth.

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